All you need to know about the advertising market

Media monitoring with a guarantee of completeness

At present, AdVision digital’s database encompasses more than 13 million national and international advertising efforts. From TV spots over placard adverts down to printed ads – all only a query away. 

Advertising market data where you need it

We ensure that the data arrives exactly where it is needed – with the help of customised rating, exporting, and reporting tools or by way of direct integration in your system from the outset.

Advertising data in realtime

The latest collection systems and efficient collection structures facilitate the direct provision of new data. This way, you always have the latest advertising market data at hand.

Unsere Daten

Advertising themes

The extensive creativity database for campaign research work


Advertising efforts

Gross advertising turnover on placement level in real time


Editorial mentions

Clippings and analyses of editorial mentions at the press of a button


Content analysis

Standardised content structured for planning the environment


Classified ads

Turnover and extent analyses of the job vacancy and classified ads market


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