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AdVision Hörfunk und Radiowerbung

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Radio broadcasting/Radio advertising

Collection of radio commercials and radio advertising expenditures

The radio broadcasting market is characterized by a strong regionality. For this medium, 71 individual radio stations are being monitored including 28 public and 43 private ones. Additionally, common radio combinations are considered and featured, for example:

AdVision digital GmbH - Lokalfunk Kombi Westfalen  Lokalfunk Kombi Westfalen 
AdVision digital GmbH - Rheinland Kombi Köln  Rheinland Kombi Köln

Moreover, sweepstakes as well as programme and contribution sponsoring are collected if they are placed inside commercial breaks.
Radio spots are stored exactly to the second and evaluated with tariff data (gross insertion costs).
For the radio medium, AdVision provides individual connections as well as the recorded radio spots in GWA-AdZyklopaedie.

The following additional information is collected in GWA-AdZyklopaedie:

AdVision digital GmbH - Subject ID  Subject ID
AdVision digital GmbH - Industry classification (product code)  Industry classification (product code) 
AdVision digital GmbH - Firm, brand, product  Firm, brand, product
AdVision digital GmbH - Insertion time, date and period  Insertion time, date and period
AdVision digital GmbH - Advertising medium/Station  Advertising medium/Station
AdVision digital GmbH - Commercial length  Commercial length
AdVision digital GmbH - Individual and total costs  Individual and total costs

AdVision delivers the following format:

AdVision digital GmbH - Subject data in mp3 format  Subject data in mp3 format 
AdVision digital GmbH - Story in Textformat  Story in textformat