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Product code

Capturing ad motifs with product code

AdVision digital uses a strategy that covers all sectors and products when capturing data from ads.

We gather general data as well as data specific to certain types of media for each captured ad on TV, in general and trade and commercial magazines, in daily newspapers, in movie theaters, on the Internet or on posters on the basis of a product code that has especially been developed for these statistics.

We generally collect the following data from all types of media for each ad motif:

AdVision digital GmbH - The advertising company   The advertising company  
AdVision digital GmbH - The brand that can be associated with the product  The brand that can be associated with the product
AdVision digital GmbH - The advertised product or service  The advertised product or service
AdVision digital GmbH - The sector the advertising company works in  The sector the advertising company works in
AdVision digital GmbH - The sector segment  The sector segment
AdVision digital GmbH - The product group  The product group

Furthermore, there is a great deal of specific ad information that is different for each media genre. This information on data collection systematics is available in the detailed descriptions of the corresponding media genre - general magazines, trade and commercial magazines, posters/out-of-home, cinema, Internet.

Most ad motifs are captured with a design code in addition to the product code. The design code contains important textual requirements and completes the hard facts