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Design code

Gathering ad motifs with design codes

A great number of ad motifs are given more relevant data on artistic and format-related aspects in addition to the product code. This data is put together in the so-called design code that contains important textual requirements and adds useful details to the hard facts of campaign motifs. This includes the marking of advertising material that has been rewarded a sought-after web award (e.g. the ADC Award, Cannes Lions or Clio Award)

Advertising measures are assigned subcategories and codes that enable you to select them according to their content. Overall, the design code includes 14 categories, about 100 subcategories and around 700 detail codes.

Examples of design code categories:

AdVision digital GmbH - architecture architecture  
AdVision digital GmbH - Food/Beverages Food/Beverages
AdVision digital GmbH - Objects Objects
AdVision digital GmbH - Geography Geography
AdVision digital GmbH - Culture/Art Culture/Art
AdVision digital GmbH - Landscape Landscape
AdVision digital GmbH - People People
AdVision digital GmbH - Plants/Animals Plants/Animals
AdVision digital GmbH - Sport/Leisure Sport/Leisure
AdVision digital GmbH - Textures/Typography Textures/Typography   

Examples of a design code category with subcategories and detail codes:

The design code category "people" has seven subcategories: "Groups/Couples", "skin colors", "in the Context", "in action", "in uniform", "body parts" und "no context". This category alone includes a total of 126 detail codes.

Example of the subcategory "in uniform" in the design code category "People":

AdVision digital GmbH - Fire brigade   Fire brigade
AdVision digital GmbH - Court   Court
AdVision digital GmbH - Hotel/Restaurant   Hotel/Restaurant 
AdVision digital GmbH - Medical professions   Medical professions
AdVision digital GmbH - Pilot/Astronaut  Pilot/Astronaut
AdVision digital GmbH - Police/Military   Police/Military
AdVision digital GmbH - Other professions   Other professions

Gathering ad motifs with design codes enables not only target-oriented research, but also a search for sponsored ads or special kinds of advertisement.

In searching for advertisement measures, AdVision digital even meets even special requirements of verbal speech and imagery.